A Higher Level Of Trust

A SSL certificate can improve your website's online image and its ranking. It can also earn trust from your visitors. Today running a website online is complicated enough without all the other frustrations. Bangkok Hosting can help make all the technical and security aspects of your online business disappear.

Secure Socket Layer

Secure Socket Layer, also known as SSL, is essentially an online protocol that provides a secure channel between two machines operating over the Internet. Virtually all data passed online can be read and exploited. The internet is anything but secure.

SSL Certificates

A SSL Certificate is a small file that acts like a key to your organization's details. A company who operates a website needs to install the SSL Certificate onto their web server or hosting package to initiate SSL sessions with their visitors' browsers. Don't worry too much about how to install a SSL, Bangkok Hosting sets everything up for you.

No Fuss SSL Certificate

Fast issuance SSL Certificate with true 256 bit encryption. 99% Browser and device recognition.

  • No Paperwork Required
  • Issued in Minutes
  • Secure Site Seal
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • 2048 bit root strength
  • Branded SSL Supplier

This is an ideal SSL Certificate, perfect for most websites that collect and store some personal visitor data, or websites that accept Credit Card payments.

Highest Level Of Trust

Once a SSL certificate has been installed, it then becomes possible for clients to connect to your website over https://www.yourdomain.com protocol. The server tells your client's browser that it has a secure connection to your website and all information passed between the website and the visitor's web browser will be safe and secure.

It has indeed been proven that websites that offer SSL certificate protection get more business than websites that do not offer SSL security. How much more you dare ask? Astronomically more. Visitor's trust is everything when it comes down to makeing a purchase.Also note worthy is the fact that, Search Giant GOOGLE prefers websites that have the SSL protocol installed on their server or hosting package.

Bangkok Hosting offers SSL certificates from GEO TRUST, a company that has been securing internet transactions for over 15 years now. This has earned them the Highest Level Of Trust! We only offer one(1) SSL option and it is directly tied to our web hosting solutions. The above mentioned SSL Certificate can only be purchased with our web hosting options and requires that we install it on a unique IP, thus giving our client the Highest Level Of Trust.

SSL Facts
  • The data being transmitted over the Internet or network needs confidentiality, in other words, people do not want their credit card number, account login, passwords or personal information to be exposed over the Internet.
  • The data needs to remain integral, which means that once credit card details and the amount to be charged to the credit card have been sent, a hacker sitting in the middle cannot change the amount to be charged and where the funds should go.
  • Your organization needs to assure your customers / extranet users that you are who you really say you are and not someone masquerading as you.
  • Your organization needs to comply to regional, national or International regulations on data privacy, security and integrity.
  • Now a very important Google ranking factor!.
Why Do You Need SSL?
  • To secure credit card transactions online and increase your customers' trust in your site.
  • To secure online system logins, sensitive information transmitted via web forms, or protected areas of websites.
  • To secure workflow and virtualization applications like Citrix Delivery Platforms or cloud based computing platforms.
  • To secure an extranet. Example: Your business partners login to private or personal information.
  • To secure an intranet. Example: You have multiple offices that share confidential information, only personnel and internal team can access intranet.
  • To secure the transfer of files over https and FTP(s) services such as website owners updating new pages to their website or transferring large files.
  • To secure hosting control panels logins and activity like Parallels, CPanel, and others.
  • To secure intranet based traffic such as internal networks, file sharing, entrants, database connections.
  • To secure network logins and other network traffic with SSL VPN's such as VPN Access Servers or applications like the Citrix Access Gateway.
  • To comply with privacy and security requirements.
How To Order SSL Certificates From Bangkok Hosting

That is the easy part. Simply call us Monday - Friday 8:30 - 17:00 at (+66)2 102 0938 or Contact Us
NOTE : You must have already registered a Domain Name and have access to it. If you do not have a domain name you can order one through us. Visit register a new domain, then return here to order your SSL.
All SSL certificates we sell come with our hosting solutions.
That means everything you need to run your website on SSL will be included in the web hosting package. There are no other surprises or hidden costs.
What Is Included?
Item 1: Selected Web Hosting package (your choice of Beginner or Premium web hosting packages)
Item 2: 2056 Bit SSL Certificate
Item 3: Unique IP dedicated to your Domain
Prices start from as low as 8,070 THB plus VAT - Call Monday - Friday 8:30 - 17:00 at (+66)2 102 0938 or Contact Us to order.